About Gaia Shakti

The purpose of this fair is to create a space for local people to build a community for healing and holistic living. Having had the desire to create this space for some time, the pandemic has been the catalyst to action. The importance of self-care, emotional and physical wellbeing has all been highlighted and there is no better time than now to use this opportunity to support and promote all the wonderful practitioners living and working in our area.

Gaia Shakti has been derived from the combination of two words;

Gaia is the Greek goddess and personification of Earth, mother of all life; she is our life source and nurturer;
Shakti (Pronounced sh-uh-k-th-ee) is the goddess of power and creativity and all dynamic forces in the universe. 

Gaia Shakti conveys the powerful force representing rebirth, creative change, and starting anew. Gaia, where life begins and Shakti, the dynamic creative force; working together in harmony to benefit spiritual development, grounding energy, manifestation and awakening.

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